Are you new to this surprisingly inspiring era of augmented reality? If so, it would amaze you with the real visual experience of digital and physical world infusion. Instead of watching your digital content on your digital devices e.g. laptop/mobile, it would enable you to watch it screen-free. It seems as if the digital information is written on the air in front of you with clarity and vivid illustrations. This is such an amazing experience that takes you out of the boundary of limited screens. No matter where you are, just put on your Xreal Air and mesmerize yourself with the visuals without screens.

What is Xreal Air?

They are the original and genuine augmented reality glasses available at Being the best-selling AR glasses, they enable you to enjoy a smooth and seamless visual experience from anywhere. For an incredible gaming experience or for watching movies or operating a Laptop, these are the best.

Where to buy Xreal Air?

To buy these glasses, you have two easiest options. One is to buy them directly from the Xreal website. The second option is to buy them from Amazon. In both of these places, you can read the complete specifications as well as the features and uses of Xreal Air glasses. The delivery is available in a great number of countries and locations. For example, you can get in Canada, France, the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, etc.

What to do with Xreal Air?

Now, let’s also have a look at what you can do with these stunning augmented reality glasses. So, you can use these for the following things.

Air Casting

You can use air AR glasses for air casting. Here, air casting means wearing AR glasses to see the digital content as if it’s hanging on your front space. In simpler words, it seems as if you’re watching the screen inside your glasses without a physical screen in front.

Spatial Display

Similarly, you can use AR Air glasses to enjoy spatial displays. In this type of display, you can see digital graphics or digital content on real-world physical surfaces through projectors. Such spatial displays are not only beneficial for entertainment purposes but also for professional meetings and conferences.

Virtual Desktop

When you are tired of working on small screens, let’s use the Xreal air glasses to create a virtual desktop for you. Working on large screens is itself a fun activity and it also makes the visuals clearer and easy on the eyes.

AR Space

Finally, augmented reality air glasses contribute to an excellent experience in the AR space. With these glasses on your eyes, you can operate the whole mobile/device in the air without touching the screens. It is an incredible experience that the whole space around you becomes a digital world without screens. Instead, augmented reality prints the computerized content on your physical space. Then, it allows you to control that content by clicking in the air over the visuals. This is the most emerging and very beautiful experience that you would love to do throughout your life.

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